[Openswan Users] klips-ng in openswan 2.6.x

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Thu Jun 25 03:54:07 EDT 2009


I noticed than OpenSWAN 2.6.22 has a target ngpatch-2.6 to get a patch for
KLIPS-NG. However, the patch is really tiny and only add some things in
some structs. No real code. Therefore, I have looked at  the patch for
regular KLIPS and there is some code using the new bits inserted by
KLIPS-NG patch. However, this code is enclosed between ifdefs and
HAVE_IPSEC_SAREF symbol needs to be defined to enable the code.

What is the correct way to enable saref feature in OpenSWAN 2.6.22? Should
I just add #define HAVE_IPSEC_SAREF 1 at the top of some .h file?

Thanks for any input.

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