[Openswan Users] Kernel-2.6.27 and nat-t patch

Sasa sasa at shoponweb.it
Tue Jun 23 12:10:05 EDT 2009

Hi, therefore with kernel-2.6.27 (Fedora Core 10) for to use Openswan-2.6.22 
with klips and nat-t support (and xl2tp) isn't necessary applied nat-t patch 
and klips-patch ? and therefore isn't necessary recompile kernel ?
With kernel-2.6.27 and Openswan-2.6.22 I can install in this mode from osw 

#make programs install
#make KERNELSRC=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build module minstall
#depmode -a
#rmmod af_key esp4 ah4 ipcomp
#modeprobe ipsec




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Subject: Re: [Openswan Users] Kernel-2.6.27 and nat-t patch

> On Tue, 23 Jun 2009, Sasa wrote:
>> Hi, on the kernel and with Openswan 2.4.13 I have the following
>> error message:
>> #patch -p1<../openswan-2.4.13.kernel-2.6-natt.patch
> Try using a mode modern version of the nat-t patch from the ftp server.
> openswan 2.4.13 was released when 2.6.18 or so was out....
> alternatively, use openswan 2.6.22 which no longer requires a NAT patch
> from klips in kernels 2.6.23+
> Paul

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