[Openswan Users] Upgrade 2.4.14 -> 2.6.21 Problem with secrets

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Jun 22 16:27:24 EDT 2009

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009, Nick Howitt wrote:

> I have just upgraded from 2.4.14 to 2.6.21 and I've hit an issue with
> ipsec.secrets.

There should not be any differences there...

>     leftnexthop=%defaultroute
>     keylife=28800s     # (2.6.x only)                # salifetime and
> lifetime do not work as aliases
>     ikelifetime=28800s    # (2.6.x only)

I am confused how that does not work, from keywords.c:

     {"keylife",        kv_conn|kv_auto|kv_alias, kt_time,   KBF_SALIFETIME,NOT_ENUM},
     {"lifetime",       kv_conn|kv_auto|kv_alias, kt_time,   KBF_SALIFETIME,NOT_ENUM},
     {"salifetime",     kv_conn|kv_auto, kt_time,   KBF_SALIFETIME,NOT_ENUM},
     {"ikelifetime",    kv_conn|kv_auto, kt_time,   KBF_IKELIFETIME,NOT_ENUM},

Can you explain what "does not work" about those keywords?

> and ipsec.secrets
> %any : PSK "DialInSecret"
> my.FQDN MumOut.FQDN : PSK "MumOutRouter'sSecret"
> This worked absolutely fine in 2.4.14. I have compiled 2.6.21 with
> USE_DYNAMICDNS?=true and it no longer works.

You can try and reverse the two entries, making the most specific one
match first. David has a patch that should allow better picking with %any
in the secrets, and I'll see about applying that shortly.

> The documentation says the best match is used so for conn MumOut it
> should pick up the second secret. In this scenario I cannot connect to
> MumOut. If I switch the lines round in ipsec.secrets, I get the same
> message and conn Mark is never able to establish with the following message:

Hmm, so much for that idea then...

> I do not even see how conn Mark should be matching "my.FQDN MumOut.FQDN
> : PSK "MumOutRouter'sSecret" as MumOut.FQDN resolves to a completely
> different IP address to the one which is initiating the connection.

Note that secrets are read on startup.

bug me in a few days if you have not seen me picking this up.


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