[Openswan Users] redundant ipsec connections: route to peer's client conflicts with ... relesing old connection to free the route

Oguz Yilmaz oguzyilmazlist at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 16:05:54 EDT 2009

OK :)
Then I should add a feature request to have it in the config.

How can rule a packet into a vpn? If I wrote dst as PEERDSL IPs, will
the kernel automatically put them into the ipsec?

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 10:45 PM, Paul Wouters <paul at xelerance.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Jun 2009, Oguz Yilmaz wrote:
>> My aim is not high availability in the center. I am OK with single
>> Central server. Lets concentrate ont he peer. Peer has 2 internet
>> access. 2 of VPN s will work on the first access line and 1 of VPNs
>> will work on the second access line.
>> At the moment ip xfrm policy:
>> src dst
>>       dir out priority 2344
>>       tmpl src CENTRALIPADDR dst PEERDSL1
>>               proto esp reqid 16397 mode tunnel
>> src dst
>>       dir out priority 2344
>>       tmpl src CENTRALIPADDR  dst PEERDSL2
>>               proto esp reqid 16401 mode tunnel
>> src dst
>>       dir out priority 2856
>>       tmpl src CENTRALIPADDR dst PEERDSL2
>>               proto esp reqid 16405 mode tunnel
> Ahh, i understand now.
>> What I want is establishing this state quickly. At the moment it takes
>> about 5-15 minutes. As you can see policy does not overlap actually.
>> Sources are different for each. The problem is I think openswan only
>> look for the destinaiton for preventing routing overlapping.
>> How can I disable checking routings and releasing old connection to
>> free the route?
> Probably somewhere in programs/pluto/kernel.c or kernel_netlink.c. The
> code should check, probably via new kernel_ops check, if the current
> stack supports this situation, and then allow it for netkey, and disallow
> it for klips.
> For a more quick fix approach, you might want to specify a leftupdown=
> and copy and modify the stock _updown script to add the appropriate
> "ip rule" based routes.
> Paul

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