[Openswan Users] hardware considerations?

John Gorham john.af.gorham at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 15:11:07 EDT 2009

Hi All,

Does anyone have strong opinions regarding hardware? I am currently running
FreeS/WAN on a very old odd-ball box with around 20 site-to-site (lan-2-lan)
tunnels. We will not be going over 50 tunnels for the foreseeable future.
Very soon we will be upgrading to a 5 Mbps dedicated Internet link. The new
Openswan box will not be providing any firewall services... strictly VPN
gateway. We plan on going with SuSE.

    * CPUs (more cores versus faster cores? x86 versus x86_64?)
    * NICs (onboard versus card? brands?)
    * Other considerations?

Thanks in advance!

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