[Openswan Users] DPD-Problems using OpenSwan V2.6.22 on Kernel V2.6.27.28

Michael Niehren michael at NIEHREN.de
Thu Jul 30 08:26:39 EDT 2009

Hi Paul,

i've just playing around a bit more with then new Version under Kernel V2.6.27.28
and i got no more crashes.

I have here 2 running machines (V2.6.27.28) with 10 and 19 VPN-Connections. The VPN-Partner is
in most cases Strongswan V2.5.7 under Kernel V2.4.37.
The connections are all working without problems as long as i don't use DPD. 
If i am using DPD it work's for a while and then i got errors of the form:

Jul 29 15:38:33 pluto[7169]: "buero_michael" #182: DPD: No response from peer - declaring peer dead
Jul 29 15:38:33 pluto[7169]: "buero_michael" #182: DPD: Clearing Connection

But i could definitely say, that the VPN-Partner is avaliable at the time the error occurs. And
i got for all my connections such errors after a while. After the error, the VPN is going down and
build up again after a few seconds.

Sometimes i also got an error like 'could not find phase 1 state for DPD'

Maybe there is something wrong in the DPD code.

Could you please take a look at it or let me know how can i help more for debugging.

kind regards,

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