[Openswan Users] keeping SA made OCF resource leak

willer.wang at cybertan.com.tw willer.wang at cybertan.com.tw
Thu Jul 23 02:16:19 EDT 2009

	I found the problem is not in "re SA", it is in "refcount".
	When a SA with refcount >1, and enter the function ipsec_sa_rm( ).
	This SA just be removed from hash table but won't enter ipsec_sa_wipe( ) to 	clean related resource. But I still don't understand the purpose why a deleting 	SA still keeps a refcount >1.Can someone give me some advice about this?


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Jivin willer.wang at cybertan.com.tw lays it down ...
> I found a problem between re SA and OCF.
> When SA replaced, OPENSWAN will keep one more SA than it freed.
> With time goes, there will be lots SAs kept in OPENSWAN.
> It’s ok if OCF is not up.
> But if we using OPENSWAN with OCF, 
> the kept SAs will occupy system resource through OCF. 
> It seems not easy to modify the state machine of re SA.
> Would someone give me advice about this problem?

Which versions of OCF and openswan are you using ?

I can't say I have seen this but I may looking in the wrong place :-)
How are you determining that you are losing SA's ?


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