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Erich Titl erich.titl at think.ch
Fri Jul 24 02:09:30 EDT 2009


Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Jul 2009, Erich Titl wrote:
> Those are probably very old.
> The man pages are generated from xml, so you can probably use xmlto to
> generate html pages from them.

I ran a little script on all xml files in the tarball to generate html
versions of the manual files. No big deal, but it covers my needs, as my
platform (leaf.sourceforge.net) does not implement man.

I suggest to add such files to the website, they are just plain manual
pages and may not excite most people, but then they don't have to
neither. I believe they cover the basic need of the users and hold more
information than can be found elsewhere on the web.

I am not gifted in web design and have no clue on wikis. If you don't
want to publish the plain pages, I will, for my own purposes.

Thanks for the information


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