[Openswan Users] PC to Network config Openswan

Fahad Aziz consultant77pk at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 06:32:18 EST 2009

I am able to do  NEt to Net Config using ipsec PSK mode and both private networks are communicating fine ... but problem is another PC with openswan which has only one NIC with global IP .. i need to connect single PC with global IP to another openswan with private network and 2 nics .. such as 

Openswan 2.4 at Kernel 2.6 Native... (both same)

SITE 1 - eth0 = 221.132.xx.xx (global) Openswan 

Site 2 -eth0 = 221.133.xx.xx (glocal) Openswan 
       -eth1 = 192.168.xx.xx (privte or local)

how to 221.132.xx.xx communicate with 192.168.xx.xx  , 

221.132.xx.xx ---------- 221.133.xx.xx ---- 192.168.xx.xx 

I tried make alias eth at Site 1 but alias IP can ping but not the global. 

I am new to Openswan, any hint or suggesstion plz...


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consultant77pk at yahoo.com


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