[Openswan Users] unexpected STRING [xauth] trying to set up connection to SonicWall

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Tue Jan 20 11:38:05 EST 2009


So, there will be two hex strings in the secrets file?

One after the IP address (with the @ sign) and the other
after the PSK keyword?


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> > sonicwall.secrets:
> > 
> > @00ABCDE : PSK "myPass"

> I'm not certain if it will solve your problem, but I think 
> you have the 
> file ipsec.secrets configured incorrectly.  PSK is short for 
> "pre-shared 
> key" -- your password doesn't go there.  PSK + XAUTH is an 
> authentication method; my sonicwall uses this method, but 
> yours might do 
> something different (talk to your sys admin).
> Assuming that your sonicwall is set to do PSK + XAUTH, your 
> pre-shared 
> key is a hex-string that both you and the sonicwall share (e.g. 
> 0123456789ABCDEF).  Your sys admin can give this to you.  This is the 
> string that goes in ipsec.secrets.
> Once you initiate your connection, and the PSK is verified, the 
> sonicwall will prompt you for your password.

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