[Openswan Users] IPSEC(epa_des_crypt): decrypted packet failed SA identity

Markus Locher ml at as-support.com
Mon Jan 19 05:18:47 EST 2009

Hi Paul,

I found the solution and it has nothing to do with OpenSWAN.

The error has occured, because the OpenL2TP-Daemon has not sent his
packages through port 1701 to 1701, but IPSec expected to get those
packages on port 1701. So filled openl2tp.conf with the parameter
"our_udp_port=1701"  ( not only "udp_port" as described in online
documentation of openl2tp.org) and the IPSec-error disapeared.

Now I have another problem (and this time with openswan). Ipsec sends
"malformed" packages. I will set up another post for this.

Thank you very much. Hopefully read you in the next post.

Regards Markus

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