[Openswan Users] Sorry, wrong NG! Re: Should I take a course in Java? Need advice

Kay Obermueller kobermueller at web.de
Mon Feb 16 17:20:44 EST 2009

Le Monday, 16. February 2009 22:49:51 Kay Obermueller, vous avez écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> I'm happily using OpenNMS and I have the chance now to get a course on
> programming in Java. It's an alternative to a PHP based course for web
> developing.
> Do you tink it is advisable to learn Java to use OpenNMS, promote it and
> get customers for my services? Is it a realistic idea to get involved in
> the OpenNMS project so that it would help me to find customers?
> Greets
> Kay
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Of course, this should have been sent to the opennms-NG!

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