[Openswan Users] Openswan Configuration issues

ananth desh ananth.desh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 08:15:32 EST 2009

Dear All,
 I am trying to setup a VPN  ,wherein on site 1 there is already a
IPSEC Checkpoint vpn
and on SIte 2 i am trying to install OPenSwan software whose IP is which is nat'd to
a public address say
   Now  my requirement is that i have 5 linux clients in site 2 who
has ip address ,, and so on ,Basically they are in different
subnets .They dont
fall in the same subnet as the OPenSwan VPN server.These linux clients
should connect to
Site 1 servers whose IP's are in the range Site2
iam not in a position to route the traffice destined to site 1 servers
 through the openswan server as i dont have access to the routers to
change the routing.

 Can somebody guide me how to have this setup working.I heard that
l2tp and ppp need to be installed on site 2 Openswan server
which will assign Ip's to the VPN clients(which will solve the clients
being in different subnet issue),
But i am  not able to get this right.Appreciate if somebody can help
me with the detailed configuration.

  Please note all my clients on site 1 and 2 are Linux based.


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