[Openswan Users] Configuring multiple phase 2 algorithms in openswan

s S getlaser at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 11:39:58 EST 2009

I am a openswan newbie. In Windows IPSec multiple phase II proposals
could be configured for IPSec.
E.g: Lets consider two PCs A and B running Windows XP. All the
following combination could be configured in PC A against the
destination IP address of PC B in Windows IPSec
AH     ESP
md5   md5+aes
sha1  sha1+3des
sha1 sha1+aes

Here PC - B may have any one of the above combination and the IPSec
session will get established.

How could I achieve the same configuration with Open swan. I
understand that "phase2alg" could be used for phase II configuration.
But how can multiple algorithms be configured for phase II.

Thanks in advance.

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