[Openswan Users] Should KLIPS be defined for pluto?!

Mark Ryden markryde at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 09:41:39 EST 2009

  I downloaded the source rpm and I am trying to compile it on Feodra
10 , kernel.

  It was built OK.

I added , in main() of the the pluto daemon, in
checking and printing to a log whether  #ifdef KLIPS is valid. And I
found out that it was defined.

I followed the steps for using the native (aka, Netkey) stack in the readme.
Moreover, in /etc/ipsec.conf, I have

which means that I am using netkey and not klips.

My question is:

I guess the code fragments that includes the #ifdef KLIPS apply to
both cases, when using KLIPS
and when NOT using KLIPS.

Or am I wrong and missed something ?


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