[Openswan Users] nat-t question

jack jie at ms37.url.com.tw
Thu Dec 17 11:52:11 EST 2009

Hi ! I have some nat-t questions , here is my situation

                                                   behind NAT    router          internet
ubuntu( kernel 2.6.24)          A---------------------NAT ------------------B      redhat( kernel 2.6.9) openswan2.6.23
                                           client         ip)           server

A is behind NAT router, so i want to do NAT-T connection between A and B, 

1. Should my nat router must be a vpn router or not?  for now it is a just normal router and has nat function.
2. If i want  do NAT-Traversal between A and B, could anyone give me ipsec.conf sample,please!!

If anyone can help me,i will be appreciated   thanks a lot!!

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