[Openswan Users] problems with vpn between cisco and openswan

Michael Stevens michael.stevens at dianomi.com
Tue Dec 15 05:37:41 EST 2009

2009/12/14 David McCullough <David_Mccullough at securecomputing.com>

> It's might be dying when the Cisco rekeys.  Try setting your keylife to
> 3600 (1 hour) and see how that goes.

After a lot of discussion with the people running the cisco end of the
tunnel I've set:

    salifetime=    28800s
    ikelifetime=    86400s

which we think is what the cisco is set to.

I'm seeing two behaviours - sometimes it goes down and stays down, sometimes
it manages to come back.

openswan appears to think the tunnel is up, I just can't send traffic over

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