[Openswan Users] securing data between two hosts for a specific port

Ryan Bohn ryan.bohn at tenzing.com
Thu Aug 27 19:15:06 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I'm knew to the ipsec world and needing some guidance on configuration. I had tried raccoon, but it just wasn't working, then I found openswan and it seems to be more feature rich and customizable.

Here's what I need to do:

I need to have my redhat enterprise linux machine attempt to use ipsec when connecting via the SNMP protocol to windows servers. I can't use a tunnel (vpn) setup as the redhat box is a management server that will be connecting to thousands of servers on our various (numerous) networks, so we will need transport mode and set to specific ports to protect. For our ISO and SAS security requirements, the data collected over snmp cannot flow clear text and must be encrypted. Microsoft doesn't allow for any authentication/encryption with their snmp v2c implementation (bastards!), so I need to use ipsec to secure the data.

So, to review, I need to configure the redhat server openswan to attempt ipsec when that server connects with the snmp protocol outbound. If a ipsec connection cannot be established, it should fall back to non-ipsec mode (for our linux servers that run snmp v3 with built in authentication/encryption and don't require ipsec). I do not need assistance with the windows side of the ipsec setup, that's been easily setup already, and I can refine the authentication hashes and encryption algorithms once I get the main config figured out.

I should note that during my trials with raccoon, I was able to get the redhat server to use ipsec with a windows box when I defined the specific ip and port for the windows host. If I tried to use a policy for a subnet or any remote host, it fails in phase 2. Furthermore, we plan to use x509 certs for ipsec, and raccoon doesn't properly use CRL which we will require.

Thanks to anyone for any tips on how to get this going. I've been trying various things with openswan and it's just not kicking in.

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