[Openswan Users] Problem in site 2 site communication

Erich Titl erich.titl at think.ch
Thu Aug 27 10:02:48 EDT 2009


Pascal Fuks wrote:
> Hello,
> I do have a configuration with a centralsite (call it AS with public IP
> on eth4 and on eth5(public MPLS network)) that
> connect (without problem) to 6 sites.
> I’d like to have all sites communicating together, through central site
> tunnels
> Each site can communicate with the central site networks, but is not
> able to communicate with other sites.

Well, you only have a tunnel to the central site

> When tracerouting from distant site RUNGIS client to distant site IER,
> we see packets trying to go outside through the (Public IP)
> address...
> Any idea / question are welcome ;-)

You need to either add a mesh of tunnels or a tunnel to a supernetwork
of the remote networks on each site.

Look at your routing table.



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