[Openswan Users] Openswan + OCF

farajian amin amin_o_city at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 2 07:08:54 EDT 2009

Dear All,

As i noticed there are two ways for inclusion of HW cryprography in openswan.
1-   using openswan 2.6.x releases + some patches ??
2-  using openswan-3.0.x releases 

Currently we are running openswan2.6.19 with NETKEY on a sparc processor with a cryptoengine.

My questions are :
1-  is NETKEY compatible with OCF , or we must compile openswan and patch kernel for KLIPS?
2-  The latest OCF patch is for openswan2.6.16dr5 ,   what about our openswan 2.6.19?
2- What are openswan-3.0.x releases for??

Thank in Advance.

Amin Farajian


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