[Openswan Users] Tunnel Up, can ping by IP, not by hostname

Dave Vree mailing51 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 21 22:31:15 EDT 2008

Thanks for the pointer to resolv.conf.  Once the tunnel was up, I edited 
this file sticking in our DNS server at the office and deleting the 
other entries.  It worked immediatley!  I didn't need to restart 
anything...it just worked.  Once I shutdown Ipsec, I reset the file back 
to the original contents and everything was fine.  I'll probably write 
an ipsec connection start and stop script for this.  I vaguely recall I 
can set this up to run automatically.

Thank you very much Paul for all you do to help us out.


Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Sep 2008, Dave Vree wrote:
>> At any rate, once connected, I can ping the IP addresses of hosts inside
>> my company (e.g. However, neither the command line nor
>> samba will recognize any of the machines by hostname (e.g. fileserv12 or
>> fileserv12.mycomp.int). Therefore all of my Nautilus samba shortcuts
>> are not working.
>> Is this a DNS problem? I know the IP addresses of our corporate DNS
>> server, but don't know what to do. We are running a Windows domain, but
>> my Ubuntu box is not on the domain.
> A quick first check would be to add the work DNS IP to /etc/resolv.conf.
> Though samba might be a seperate issue, since you might need to enable
> WINS everywhere in the office (and on your samba machine) to get it
> working. Though my time of using Samba dates to Windows 2000, so there
> might be other ways of dealing with these things now. Anyone has more
> up to date info?
> Paul

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