[Openswan Users] Latest Gentoo's ebuilds for OSW

RB aoz.syn at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 10:51:57 EDT 2008

>    latest ebuilds for this great SW are for version 2.4.13, does anybody
> have latest ones?

The normal place for requesting this would be Gentoo's bugzilla;
seeing as you did that yesterday (bug 237132), I'd say a little
patience is in order.  Although upstream ebuilds are appreciated,
they're somewhat unusual.  Is there any particular reason you _need_
2.6.16 as opposed to the packaged 2.4.13?  List feel free to chime in
here - I've not kept up too closely with bugs and updates.

I took a short look at this, and unfortunately there isn't a quick
solution (i.e. just renaming the ebuild).  Gentoo used a patch to
change the configuration locations and init bits from the RHEL-centric
(LSB?) stuff to match its init system, but that patch no longer
cleanly applies against 2.6.16.  None of the changes in the patch look
difficult to port, but it'll still require more time than most Gentoo
devs can spare in a 24-hour period, or I can spare right now.

Your bug has been assigned directly to an individual, and you'll
likely have a result shortly.

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