[Openswan Users] KLIPS Compilation issue in kernel 2.4

Thomás tgrande at pd3.com.br
Wed Oct 29 13:27:22 EDT 2008

Hi Paul,
thanks for your help.

> > I am trying to compile KLIPS in a 2.4.25 kernel (Openswan 2.6.18), and I
> > found weird that it tries to use code from ipsec_mast.c, which is only
> > compiled for the 2.6 kernel version.
> > Can anyone explain why this is happening? Have I misconfigured
> > something?
> Check USE_MAST setting in Makefile.inc, or compile using:
> make USE_MAST=false programs
> Paul

I have done that, but the problem continues. I did look at the source
and didn't find the mast code between '#ifdef's (i.e. ipsec_init.c). 
Perhaps I shouldn't be using this version of Openswan in a 2.4 kernel,
would suggest an older version of Openswan?

Thomás Del Grande

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