[Openswan Users] 2 or more virtual interfaces defined to 1 physical interface

Lawrence Manning lawrence.manning at smoothwall.net
Mon Oct 20 04:09:43 EDT 2008

On 18 Oct 2008, at 20:48, Agent Smith wrote:

> Lawrence,
> could you name a few? I searched and the only thing I found was  
> bandwidthd and the problem with that is that you can only collect  
> stats for one subnet so lets say you have 10 tunnels all with  
> dirrerent IP subnets and you want MRTG like stats for each of them  
> seperatly, you can't do that.

I have used ipac-ng in the past.  It's nice.  Unfortunately it might  
not be maintained :(


Can't MRTG graph iptable counts?

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