[Openswan Users] no connection has been authorized

Alfonso Viso alfonso.viso at selftrade.com
Tue Oct 14 02:50:40 EDT 2008

we did it and the message is this:
virtual IP must only be used with %any and without client
one question, why can't we use? , we want to set the server only allow the connection from this public_remote. 
now, i get it with the firewalls, but i want to do with the configuration of openswan
can you help us?


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On Mon, 13 Oct 2008, Alfonso Viso wrote:

> like this, the connection is ok. The problem is when we change the value of right, instead of %any we set right with the public ip of client like this:
> conn roadwarrior
> 	type=tunnel
> 	left=<public_ip_server>
> 	leftcert=????????????????
> 	right=<public_ip_client>
> 	rightsubnet=vhost:%no,%priv
> 	auto=add
> 	pfs=yes
> with this configuration the message error is:
> packet from <public_ip_client>:500: initial Main Mode message received 
> on <public_ip_server>:500 but no connection has been authorized*

Run ipsec auto --add roadwarrior and see whathe error message is,
since your conn does not seem to get laoded for some reason.



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