[Openswan Users] [Announce] openswan-2.6.18 released

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Oct 6 12:55:18 EDT 2008

Xelerance has released openswan 2.6.18. 


This is a bugfix release. Most notable, fixes were made to rekeying,
connection selecting, and KLIPS.

As always, please use http://bugs.openswan.org/ to report bugs, or
discuss issues on users at openswan.org or dev at openswan.org. Or linger
at FreeNode's #openswan / #openswan-dev

>From the CHANGES file:

* Fix for compiling KLIPS on RHEL/Centos 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5 [dhr/paul]
* Fix in deleting connections that might have caused some of our Delete
  Notifies to have gotten lost. Introduced in openswan 2.5.01 [paul]
* Rekey= inverted yes/no, causing rekey=no to be rekey=yes [Shingo Yamawaki]
* Some memory leaks / refcount fixes [Shingo Yamawaki]
* Removed most of #ifdef CONFIG_KLIPS_DEBUG conditionals. We now always
  compile in DEBUG support. [paul]
* No longer use the assembly version of des_encrypt (dx86unix.S). It
  is i386-i686 specific, requires framepointers and does not work with
  CONFIG_REGPARM=y, which is the unconditional default for 2.6.17+ [paul]
* Fix memory leak when we run out of descriptors [David McCullough]
* Various memory leak fixes for pluto (from #macosx) [Ilia Sotnikov]
* LEAK_DETECTIVE should report better now [Ilia Sotnikov]
* Add support for USE_DMALLOC [Ilia Sotnikov]
* Update stats to show dropped packets [David McCullough]
* Allow session migration of OCF devices [Brad Vrabete]
* DNS/WINS ModeConfig fixes [David McCullough]
* refineconnection bug fix. This might cover various problems where
  the right conn was not picked (eg rightca="%any" workaround, but
  perhaps also some rekey issues) [paul]
* unregister_netdevice: waiting for ppp2 to become free. Usage
  count = -1 on kernels < 2.6.24 [Martin Schiller]
* Fix for parallel building, eg with rpmbuild [tuomo]
* Bugtracker bugs fixed:
  #989: Patch for fixing type-punned compiler warnings [Alin Nastac]
  #979: Two errors in debian/ packaging files (fix included) [ruben]
  #978: ipsec.conf man page has typo in virtual_private sample line [tuomo]
  #975: ipsec_setup: Unknown socket write error 96. [paul]
  #231: In Aggressive Mode with NAT-T,initiator should switch port [hiren joshi]
  #228: Problems with %any matching in ipsec.secrets? [David McCullough]
  #984: OpenSwan 2.4.13: Wrong ipsec_dev_get(x) function for Kernels < 2.6.24 
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