[Openswan Users] IPsec/l2tp connection doesn't work so good..

Eugenio Vescovi eugevesco at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 6 04:40:41 EDT 2008

Hi all,
I've just configured an IPsec/L2tp server  by Openswan and xl2tpd(over Ubuntu) in order to create a VPN roadwarrior connection.
At first I've tested the connection with WinVISTA client, and everything worked right(the client was connected with its virtua IP Address inside the tunnel, and did could navigate inside my LAN as it was physically inside it).
After that i migrateted the server on a Ubuntu Virtual Machine and many problems occurs.
1) When the client connect to the server, the client loses its internet connection, and it only have the IPsec/L2tp connection up.
2)The client could not use the IPsec/L2tpd connection, I mean it's unable to navigate inside my LAN.

Do you think it's a problem linked to the use of Ubuntu Virtual Machine?
By the way, I take the opportunity of ask you something . Inside my LAN I've a very strange IP ADDRESSES POOL to assign to my roadwarrior:
from a.b.c.51 to a.b.c.55  and then 
from a.b.c.93 from a.b.c.97 and again I can assign
since my server require PPP authentication by CHAP, How can I manage the file chap-secret in order to give my roadwarrior the same username ("warrior") and password ("secret")??

I've tried with this but it doesn't look to work

client            server                secret                 IP Addresses

 warrior        *                "secret"             *
*                    warrior         "secret"              *

Thank you in advance,
Eugenio Vescovi.

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