[Openswan Users] What would cause ipsec auto --up {tunnelname} to hang?

Greg Scott GregScott at InfraSupportEtc.com
Tue May 27 23:54:56 EDT 2008

Aw nuts, I didn't copy the whole list a minute ago...

> So use /etc/ppp/ipdown.d/ scripts. Those are only invoked when a link
> change happens.

I don't get it.  Normally the left side is connected to the right side
via a point to point connection - not PPP or PPTP from my Linux bux, but
a dedicated telco connection with another router.  To be completely
precise, it's a MPLS connection using a service from AT&T called PNT.  I
don't see how anything in /etc/ppp would know anything about this.  

So from the left side, I ping the right side of the MPLS connection and
when it doesn't answer, I fire up the IPSEC tunnel.  Similarly, from the
right side, I ping the MPLS router on the left side and when the MPLS
router doesn't answer, I fire up the tunnel.  The MPLS routers on both
sides are completely independent of my Linux IPSEC firewall system.  In
other words, I watch over the MPLS connection and then take over the
routing when it does down.  Everyone uses my stuff as their default GW
and then I make the routing decision.  

- Greg

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