[Openswan Users] Ping Problem

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Mon May 26 10:43:42 EDT 2008


Any hosts on the local lan, which you want to communicate with the remote lan, need a route to the remote lan which leads to local
ipsec server. This can be accomplished a number of ways.

1) You can set the ipsec server to the default route for each host which needs to access the remote subnet.
Each host in has as it's default gateway.

2) You can add a route on the regular gateway (normal default route destination), which routes packets destined for the remote lan
to the local ipsec server.
Assuming the normal internet gateway for is, you can add a route on as follows (net gw and continue to use as the default route for

Either way for traffic to pass between the two lan's you will need to route the traffic from the local lan for the remote lan to the
local ipsec server. You do not have to specify any special routing on the ipsec server however, this is automatic. Both sides of the
tunnel need to be setup this way.

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	Hi All,
[right] ====== ------ <=========> --------- ======
	Ipsec Server IP:
Ipsec Server IP:
	This is my network scenario, I have setup my ipsec with 4 pc's network.. and implemented IPSec successfully. I am pining
only those PC who has local gateway or on both side.
	My question is that ....
	Is it necessary to set gateway [] for all the pc who is belongs to network or it is not
necessary on both side.
	Help me out.
	Chandrakant Solanki 

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