[Openswan Users] Cannot see opposite subnet from VPN server

Arjun Datta arjun at greatgulfhomes.com
Wed May 21 19:58:27 EDT 2008

Thank you guys - Paul, Peter and Matthew.

I applied the leftsourcip= and rightsourceip= changes advocated and 
suggested, and I can ping the 10.243.102.x subnet from the 
VPN server now.

However I still cannot ping the 10.249.100.x subnet from the VPN server.

Now, the gateway for the 10.243.102.x domain is NOT the 
machine, the gateway is

I have manually added routes to the latter .254 machine to route all 
traffic for the 10.249.100.x subnet through the machine 
(VPN Peer/Server).  Sop I have to tweak something on the .254 machine to 
allow to ping the 10.249.100 subnet ?

 >I have a VPN tunnel established between two subnets:
 >10.243.102.x - the vpn server is -, 
Linux Openswan U2.4.5/K2.6.22.9-61.fc6 (netkey)
 >10.249.100.x - the vpn server is -, 
Linux Openswan U2.4.7/K2.6.23.15-80.fc7 (netkey)

Arjun Datta

Matthew Hall wrote:
> Paul Wouters wrote:
>> On Thu, 15 May 2008, Matthew Hall wrote:
>>>> I know that one cannot ping the actual vpn server(s) themselves, so 
>>>> the
>>>> above would be normal.
>>>> But, it also appears the VPN servers themselves cannot see anything in
>>>> the opposite subnet.  Is there a way around this ?
>>>> I need to pull something from one machine in the 10.243.102.x subnet
>>>> onto the machine.
>>> This will be because when it's pinging the other side, the source
>>> address is not in the local range provided by the vpn - ie. it's source
>>> address will be whatever the IP is of the interface with your default
>>> gateway, so it doesn't get routed over the vpn.
>>> If you bind the ping to it's 'inside' interface it should work - ie.
>>> ping 10.243.102.x -I
>>> You can workaround this by setting the 'defaultsource' for pluto; on
>> A better was is to specify leftsourceip= and rightsourceip= in the conn,
>> Setting it globally would limit you you to do this only on one conn.
> I didn't know that existed - makes my life easier :)
> Thanks Paul.
> Matt
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