[Openswan Users] OpenSwan behind a NAT

Daniel Bautista dbautista at duocom.es
Mon Mar 17 05:29:50 EDT 2008

El Viernes, 7 de Marzo de 2008 10:52, escribió:
> On Fri, 7 Mar 2008, Daniel Bautista wrote:
> > But now we want to put B
> > behind a NAT, this way:
> >
> > B: (eth0: - no eth0:0 - default gw
> > router/NAT: (private - public
> Your milage may vary, because now you need to have a left= that is part
> of leftsubnet=. I've heard different stories about the success of such a
> setup.

Could you indicate us where to find such configurations?

> > What is the best configuration for this? Do we have to use the
> > nat_traversal option? Do we have to redirect udp ports 500 and 4500 in
> > the router to It seems the router has a NATT option, should
> > we have to use it?
> use nat_traversal and virtual_private.

Could you show us and example of using those parameters?

I remember our configuration:

A --> Internet --> router/NAT --> B

A: (eth0 - eth0:0 - default gw
B: (eth0: - no eth0:0 - default gw
router/NAT: (private - public

It would be great if you could show us an initial configuration for this 

Thanks in advance!


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