[Openswan Users] Packets not passing through Tunnel

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Tue Mar 11 13:56:05 EDT 2008

Did you add leftsourceip=leftlanip and rightsourceip=rightlanip?
Without them you can only ping hosts other than the ipsec gateway,
on the remote lan, and only from hosts on the local lan not the local
ipsec gateway.
Show us your ipsec.conf and ipsec verify.
Peter McGill


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Subject: [Openswan Users] Packets not passing through Tunnel

Hello everyone,
My tunnel has been successfully established (both ISAKMP and IPSEC are UP);
but when I try to ping/telnet remote end's private network PC i dont get any response.,

Using tcpdump -i eth0 (which is my public interface of GW) it shows that GW is querying internet for remote-private-nw using ARP. No
ESP packets are seen...

I added a route of 
# route add <remote-private-ip> gw <remote-public-ip>
...but still, i see the same result?

Please help.


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