[Openswan Users] Installation/setup issues...

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Tue Mar 4 12:19:44 EST 2008

Mark Williams wrote:

> Im trying to connect to my companies VPN which is also running openswan.

Good :)

> The linux box im trying to connect to the VPN server with is behind a
> DSL router (does NAT).

> ignoring unknown Vendor ID payload [4f457a7d4646466667725f65]

Hm, that's odd. If the remote side is Openswan too, it should know
about this Vendor ID.

>     pfs=no

Once you get things working you can even switch to pfs=yes because
the remote side also supports it.

>     leftnexthop=<my-inet-ip>

You should not have to use leftnexthop.

>     leftprotoport=17/1701
>  No acceptable response to our first Quick Mode message: perhaps peer
> likes no proposal

Seems to be a policy mismatch. Is the server really doing L2TP/IPsec?
Is it expecting certificates instead of a PSK? Can you check the server

The server does not provide much info about what's going wrong because
that's how VPNs work. They don't want to make it too easy for (potential)

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