[Openswan Users] Unable to connect to Openswan/L2TP from Sprint Wireless Broadband

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Mon Mar 3 18:29:38 EST 2008

Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> So, I recently acquired a Sprint Wireless Broadband card (the Novatel
> Ovation U727; a nice small USB device).  The setup:
> server: Debian Etch; Linux 2.6.18; Openswan; xl2tpd
> client: Mac OS X Tiger

Could you post your ipsec.conf and the relevant bits of your Openswan log?
(Debug levels preferably 'none').

I don't want to inconvenience you too much (don't want to get into
a Mac vs Win fight :-) but do you get the same on a Windows client?
Mac OS X uses a floating port, unlike Windows, and this floating port
is said to be 'unreachable' according to your logs. That's why I am
wondering if Windows has the same problem.

And then there's Openswan bug #773 if you have:


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