[Openswan Users] L2TP problem... I think

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Sun Mar 2 18:26:46 EST 2008

Andrew Tolboe wrote:

> I'm at home (behind a little router box).  So the server is listening 
> right on the public ip, so there is no NAT-T on the server side, but it 
> is possible that the clients are behind NAT-T.  Is this incorrect usage 
> of that setting?

No, that should work. Perhaps you could post the output of 'ipsec barf >
output.txt' after you try to connect? And which l2tpd version are you

I cannot imagine that Windows does not log some kind of error code.
IIRC it says something even at an interactivity timeout. You could
even look in the Eventviewer if there is no popup window.

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