[Openswan Users] Server public IP and multiple ipsec/l2tp client behind same nat device

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Jun 30 16:15:18 EDT 2008

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Walter Willis wrote:

> but read that multiple ip client over nat, add lines protostack=mast and
> overlapip=yes

That is correct.

> it is work ???

userland support is fully integrated into 2.6.14, as is the mast (KLIPSNG) stack.

It still requires an additional small kernel patch. Once that is
accepted in the upstream kernel, we plan to release it, to avoid multiple
implementations with a different incompatible implementation versioning.

> read version 3 work the multiple client
> http://wiki.openswan.org/index.php/Openswan/FeatureComparison

That is outdated.

> But version 2.6 work ????

Yes, but with the mentioned issue above.


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