[Openswan Users] One-Way SA Failure

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Thu Jun 26 16:31:57 EDT 2008

On Thu, 26 Jun 2008, Zachary Kotlarek wrote:

> "panchoInetLeeloo" #70: responding to Quick Mode proposal {msgid:38d61ccc}
> "panchoInetLeeloo" #70: ERROR: netlink response for Add SA
> comp.93d at included errno 22: Invalid argument

Did you load the ipcomp module?

> Later I get things like this, but I'm pretty sure these are secondary to the
> netlink error above (or whatever caused that error):
> | got payload 0x100(ISAKMP_NEXT_HASH) needed: 0x502 opt: 0x200030
> "panchoInetLeeloo" #70: next payload type of ISAKMP Hash Payload has an
> unknown value: 203
> "panchoInetLeeloo" #70: malformed payload in packet
> "panchoInetLeeloo" #70: too many (-397256193) malformed payloads. Deleting

Yes, one end thinks the crypto is up, the other end does not.


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