[Openswan Users] Still no 2.6.14 CentOS 5.2

Rick Cooper rcooper at dwford.com
Wed Jun 25 21:20:40 EDT 2008

I tried to build openswan-2.6.14 on the new CentOS 5.2 kernel- and
come up with the same results. Building everything the same as my successful
build of openswan-2.4.12, everything appears perfect. No errors, asks me
about NAT-T when I build the kernel (make oldconfig) and kernel builds,
installs and runs fine.

I build 2.6.14 programs and module and everything goes perfect all the way
through demod to the end. Says it build the klips ipsec module and appears
to have installed it but when I start ipsec I get "kernel appears to lack
IPsec support (neither CONFIG_KLIPS or CONFIG_NET_KEY are set)"

Am I missing something? Am I supposed to add some .config keys for
CONFIG_KLIPS that I am unaware of? Again, I build exactly the same as 2.4.12
which builds and runs (more or less) perfectly. The only problem with 2.4.12
is that pesky kernel panic anytime I try and mount a network (CIF or NFS)
share form a host on the right side of the tunnel ( I have posted here about
that too).

I could use some help, I am hoping if I can build 2.6.14 whatever crashes
the kernel has been fixed.

Rick Cooper

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