[Openswan Users] netkey to klips error: EXPECTATION FAILED

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Jun 16 12:43:31 EDT 2008

> Thanks, Paul.  That did the trick.  However, we are now picking up a
> number of disturbing errors such as:
> Jun 16 09:54:00 niagras1 pluto[2825]: "Buffalo2RAS" #1802: next payload
> type of ISAKMP Hash Payload has an unknown value: 252

Some of tehse might be DPD related bugs (assuming you did not enable ikev2)

> Jun 16 09:54:00 niagras1 pluto[2825]: "Buffalo2RAS" #1802: malformed
> payload in packet
> Jun 16 09:54:00 niagras1 pluto[2825]: "Buffalo2RAS" #1802: too many
> (909522487) malformed payloads. Deleting state

I've never seen this particular error before. It might be worth making
a plutodebug=all trace of that and put it into the bugs.openswan.org.

> Jun 16 09:31:39 niagras1 pluto[2825]: "Buffalo2RAS" #1637:
> alloc_bytes1() was mistakenly asked to malloc 0 bytes for st_skey_ar in
> duplicate_state, please report to dev at openswan.org

You can ignore those. If you get too many, just delete the log line.


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