[Openswan Users] First time setup common questions

Richard Michael rmichael-openswan at edgeofthenet.org
Sun Jun 15 23:07:21 EDT 2008

Paul, thanks for your concise answers, they're a great help.

I'll implement using NETKEY to avoid kernel patches and have hopefully
greater stability.  Also, as I have simple requirements, and am doubtful
they would be described as a "complex l2tp scenario" (single remote
users with MacOS or Windows laptops accessing file services), the extra
features of KLIPS are likely more than I need.

> No, I wonder why fedora hasn't kept up with RHEL 5.2 and shipped something
> newer yet. note you can just download openswan and use its own spec file
> in openswan-2.6.14/packaging/fedora/openswan.spec to build.

I was surprised as well.  I was planning to use Fedora's 2.6.09 SRPM
spec file, as I often do when tracking newer packages.  Though, now that
you mention you've written your own, I'll look at it as well.


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