[Openswan Users] Vista stops at STATE_QUICK_R1

Toby Chamberlain toby at webtechservices.com.au
Wed Jul 23 00:40:31 EDT 2008


I have a Vista client that cannot connect. Openswan is getting to:
#11: STATE_QUICK_R1: sent QR1, inbound IPsec SA installed, expecting QI2

but then getting lots of :
#9: ignoring informational payload, type INVALID_PAYLOAD_TYPE
#9: received and ignored informational message

and eventually:
#11: max number of retransmissions (20) reached STATE_QUICK_R1

I have tried to get the client to send me the Vista log following the 
instructions on Jacco's site, but it always comes back with hundreds of 
Unknown( 11): GUID=a4ce5286-aad4-e17c-b9d5-08b75dc44ff7 (No Format 
Information found) lines.

The client is a NATted road-warrior laptop, Vista SP1, using certs and netsh 
advfirewall (no L2TP). A tcpdump shows traffic on ports 4500 at both ends, 
the last few packets are ~200bytes and there as successful fragmented 
packets earlier so I have ruled out MTU being the issue.

I can probably get my hands on the machine in a week or so and try to get 
the Vista log in human readable form, but in the meantime are there any 
common problems at this stage of the negotiation that I can look into?

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