[Openswan Users] Quick question on openswan

p.dinesh at gdatech.co.in p.dinesh at gdatech.co.in
Thu Jul 17 13:45:57 EDT 2008

Thanks Paul.

Can we setup a tunnel between 2 pcs in the same subnet(LAN).
Is it possible to encrypt all the packets between 2 PCs in the LAN.

   PC1 <------------------------> PC2
  172.29.38.xx                    172.29.38.xx

Excuse me, if this question is trivial.


> On Thu, 17 Jul 2008, Dinesh Bhaskar wrote:
>> Can a gateway with openswan running the netkey stack talk with the
>> gateway running klips ?
>> Is the above combination possible?
> YEs, that should not be a problem.
> Paul

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