[Openswan Users] Xauth Server testing

Rajitha Reddy RReddy at mocana.com
Thu Jul 17 03:13:21 EDT 2008


I am trying to find out how to configure the openswan xauth server with xauth username and passwd. With respect to this, I have been referring to "testing/Pluto/xauth-pluto-11" which has xauth configuration.

I tried to use the folder "testing/Pluto/xauth-pluto-11" to test the openswan xauth server & client. I don't see any instructions on how to run the test scripts(which order).

In the folder xauth-pluto-11, I suppose east.conf refers to the xauth server configuration and road.conf refers to the client conf. I see road.secrets but not east.secrets. road.secrets shows how to configure xauth username and passwd on client. Similarly, I suppose east.secrets should show username and passwd config on server, but I am not finding it under "testing/Pluto/xauth-pluto-11".

Can you please tell me how to configure xauth username and passwd on the server or tell me where to find the east.secrets file which shows the xauth username and passwd config?

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