[Openswan Users] how to connect openswan to broadband---full detail !!!

Nirmala Balu nirmala2005 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 06:40:54 EDT 2008

I installed openswan in my two gateway machines. I have two broadband
   connections with
   modems which has static ip address( and Here
    static ip is assigned to the
   modem only.The gateway machine is connected to internet through modem.
    My network diagram is shown below.
   openswan gateway1<----->modem1<----> internet <------->
   modem2<-------->openswan gateway2
   IP addresses:
   (1)openswan gateway1--
   (2)modem 1 internal ip address----
   (3)modem 1 external(static)ip address----
   (4)modem 2 external(static)ip address----
   (5)modem 2 internal ip address----
   (6)openswan gateway 2--
   It will helpful for me if anyone tell me how to configure ((for
   example)which ip address to give in "left" and "right" in ipsec.conf?)and
   run openswan
   on gateway machine.

Thanks in advance,
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