[Openswan Users] star topology vpn

Raimar Grosse syncros_beach at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 31 09:09:35 EST 2008


I´d like to build a VPN with a star topology and openswan.
There should be one server with a static IP wich manages the VPN connection. Serveral routers should start the VPN connection with this server when connecting to the internet. Some of the IPs of the routers will be static but some will be dynamical. Behind the router there are local networks with IP ranges 10.0.x.y, for example we have the three networks 10.0.1.y, 10.0.2.y and 10.0.3.y, their gateway builds a connection with the VPN server.

What I want is the possibility to get connections from a computer of network 10.0.1.y to one of network 10.0.3.y for example. Is this possible with openswan when some of the external router IPs can be dynamic.

Does anybody has build such a network ? Would be nice if you have some suggestions


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