[Openswan Users] setting up openswan with fortigate

julien Garnier julien.garnier4 at free.fr
Fri Jan 25 06:22:12 EST 2008

Paul Wouters a écrit :.
> Looks like your end is behind NAT, and does not have the 82.* or the
> 193.* IP address, but probably a 10.* or 192.168.* address. You must
> put in the REAL ip address on the box for your local end. If you are
> within, then you might have a problem with tunneling
> that (since then the "gateway" would technically be within the subnet)
> Paul

Yes it is.

Linux box as the address and is behind 82.*
10.* private network is behind 193.*, wich is the fortigate.

I simply want the linux box connect to work and i will route packets to 
10.* via the linux box when i need to connect from my house to the work.
The more intersting is that the kinux box is an openvpn server I use to 
connect when I  use my 3G card.

Juste want :

3G ------> OpenVpn --- >linuxBox---->openswan--->fortigate---->work network

I nedd to do that because my 3G card is limited to 3-4 ports and UPD 500 
is closed ... With Openvpn I use port 10000 wich is open

Is there a solution to make all this work ? Or have you other solutions ?

Thanks in advance


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