[Openswan Users] FreeSwan/uClinux using pluto and whack: ipsec0 not found

aparna.dutta aparna.dutta at jasmin-infotech.com
Thu Jan 24 08:11:22 EST 2008

I am trying to get the uClinux ported Freeswan to work on Analog Devices

Since the wrapper ipsec scripts are not available on uClinux FreeSwan, I am
trying to use pluto and whack commands directly as follows:


$ pluto -interface ipsec0 &

$ whack -debug-all

$ whack -name westeast -id aa.bb.cc.dd -host aa.bb.cc.dd -to -id pp.q.rr.ss
-host -pp.qq.rr.ss -rsasig -tunnel -esp AES-MD5-2048

$ whack -keyid pp.qq.rr.ss <PUBLICRSAKEYOFTHEOTHERHOST>

$ whack -listen


The first 4 commands are successful, but the last listen command gives: 

$ No public interfaces found


Since this is freeswan, it must be using the KLIPS stack which requires the
ipsecN interface. So I try

$ tncfg -attach -virtual ipsec0 -physical eth0


This gives $ tncfg: Socket ioctl failed on attach. -No such device. Is the
virtual device valid? Is the ipsec module linked into the kernel or loaded
as module?


The logs in /var/log/messages show:


Found eth0 with address aa.bb.cc.dd

IP interface eth0 with address aa.bb.cc.dd has no matching ipsec* interface

Found lo with address 0000:0000:.0001

IP interface lo with address 000.0001 has no matching ipsec* interface


This means that it is looking for an installed ipsec0 interface. How do I go
about registering/installing a virtual network interface ipsec0?


Thanks ad regards,







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