[Openswan Users] Openswan and Kernel Source

assiduus at poczta.internetdsl.pl assiduus at poczta.internetdsl.pl
Fri Jan 11 14:19:49 EST 2008

Dnia Pt Stycznia 11 2008, 7:43 pm, Anonymous70 napisał(a):
> I have tried patching a with
> openswan-2.4.9-kernel-2.6-klips.patch.gz and
> openswan-2.4.9-kernel-2.6-natt.patch.gz Results:
> 1. natt patch fails
> 2. klips even though applied successfully I still get NETKEY

As far as I remember, Changelog to the lastest (2.4.11) release of
Openswan stated that KLIPS'es NAT-T doesn't work with 2.6.23+ - don't know
how it relates to the 2.4.9 release but I suppose it still might apply.
Actually, you managed to go one step further than I did - not only did I
not manage to apply the NAT-T patch, I also failed with compiling the
kernel after patching it with the KLIPS patch. ;) As for the second part
of your post, what I did was to include NETKEY in the kernel as a module
(along with the rest of the code it needs) and compiled KLIPS also as a
module so if you don't personally load af_key with, for instance,
modprobe, you'll get KLIPS and if you do, you'll get NETKEY (at least this
is how it works for me with 2.4.11).



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