[Openswan Users] Help: setting up tunnel between roadwarrior and anetwork through Firewall

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Wed Jan 2 11:54:54 EST 2008

What does your ipsec.conf look like?
Did you set leftid and rightid?
For Roadwarrior using psk, you need to set leftid and rightid.
They don't have to actually be fqdns names, simple text names will work like:

ipsec.secrets should look something like:
<office server ip> %any : PSK "<secret key>"

If the firewall is NAT'ing traffic passing through it, then you'll need NAT-T support on
both end points, in addition to allowing/forwarding the IPSec traffic received by the firewall.
Peter McGill


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	Hi Users,

	I want to enter into my office networh through Firewall.

	I am having PC or Laptop which is running OPenswan on SuSE Linux Version 10.1.  Now I want to connect my PC/Laptop through
GPRS Modem(It is a wireless modem - MOXA G21501) to my office network.  But my office network is having Firewall. 

	I have tried with some ways to get into.  But I was not able to create tunnel.

	In my office, it is running with PSK with user name and password instead of RSA Signature.

	I have changed the ipsec.secrets by replacing RSA signature with PSK.  Then I have used the following command for XAUTH for
making use of username and password.

	ipsec whack --xauthname 'username' --xauthpass 'password' --name xauth-roadwarriors --initiate

	But I got the following output as

	Both ends are not identified.

	What should I do for creating tunnel?

	What is the configuration that should I use?

	Kinldy reply...


	Muhammad Muhyiddeen A

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