[Openswan Users] Replace RRAS With Openswan

Serge Fonville serge.fonville at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 08:06:30 EST 2008


Currently I am running an RRAS server to connect to my subnet.
I would like to replace RRAS with Openswan

I read about left and right sites, so I will use those too

- The left side has the servers(
- The right side has the vpn client(unkonw IP, likely private)
- Both sites are behind nat
- The VPN client should get an IP address from the DHCP server at the left
- I to need login with a local user off the Openswan server
- The openswan server has one network card (
- The Openswan Server runs on Centos 5.0
- All clients run Windows XP
- No keys or certificates should need to be loaded beforehand on the client,
basically everyone with an account should be able to connect to the VPN

What I would like to know:
- What should my /etc/ipsec.conf and /etc/ipsec.d/* files look like
- What extra configurations steps are there (i.e. generating keys and
forwaring ports)

I read all the documentation I could find on the internet and have learned a
lot about openswan and IPSEC in general, but noting has been really useful

Thanks a great lot in advance

Serge Fonville
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